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You deserve a space in your home where you can pamper yourself and relax each day. With a bathroom remodeling project from Houghton and Holm Made, LLC in St. Paul, Minnesota, you can have your dream bathroom in no time. Add walk-in showers to your bathrooms or upgrade your tile for a more modern look. No matter what new features you want, you can rely on us to create a bathroom you're sure to love.

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3 benefits of adding high-end tile to your bathroom

3 benefits of adding high-end tile to your bathroom

Adding high-end tile to your bathroom remodeling project will completely transform the way you view your space. Houghton and Holm Made offers top-quality tile with a wide range of benefits, including:

  1. Durability-when you opt for a better-quality flooring tile, you'll get floors that will withstand the wear and tear of water damage and heavy foot traffic.
  2. Style-you can choose from beautiful style and color options when you work with Houghton and Holm Made in St. Paul, Minnesota.
  3. Value-by investing in high-quality tile for your bathroom, you're improving your home's value and therefore increasing the return on your investment.

You can add high-end tile to your walk-in showers, as well as your bathroom flooring.

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